Gilles van Schuylenbergh

Lives and works in Aalst


Gilles Van Schuylenbergh grew up in a family of artists in Aalst. While studying photography at the Academie voor Schone Kunsten in Aalst, Van Schuylenbergh struggled to capture the perfect image and found inspiration in the collages of David Hockney. This technique allowed him to see his photographs as pieces of a larger puzzle and eliminate the stress of perfection. Van Schuylenbergh is an explorer and a discoverer: his works are a documentation of observations in places that strike him as particularly visually interesting. He does not limit himself to the visual level, but also recognises temporality in his works: the viewer follows, wandering from one part of the painting to the next, not just a snapshot, but a series of initially separate observations, recorded photographically, which the artist then combines into a whole on the canvas using the brush.


Boat at Lago Maggiore, 2024, 80 cm × 120 cm
Broken mirror in abandoned bathroom, 2017, 100 cm × 100 cm
Bus stop by night, 2016, 70 cm × 100 cm
Tree at Monte Verità, 2024, 120 cm × 80 cm