Oskar Zięta

Lives and works in Wrocław


In the work of Oskar Zięta; art, architecture and technology come together, in particular through the creation of metal sculptures inflated with the technique of ‘free internal pressure moulding’, developed during his studies at the ETH in Zurich. Zięta’s objects, such as the ‘Plopp’ stool or installations like the ‘Urban Crystals’, demonstrate his ability to transform industrial materials into organic, fluid forms. His works, which form part of, among others, the permanent collection at the MoMa in New York, have earned him international recognition and made him a pioneering figure in contemporary art and design.


Rzeźba ANTROPOD, 2003, 500 cm × 210 cm × 170 cm
Tafla O1 & Tafla O3, 2024
Chippensteel Inox & Plopp Inox, 2024
Rondo Helix Nebula, 2024, 120 cm × 120 cm × 6 cm