Florence Dussuyer

Lives and works in Theizé


While gentleness and sensitivity are the first sensations that emanate from her paintings – through the immersion in the intimacy of these women immersed in deep dreams – Dussuyer’s freedom of expression with her dazzling colours, the richness of the decor in which these young women find themselves (fabrics, floral motifs, liquids, landscapes, animals…) and her large formats underline her temperament and dynamism. The large formats, Dussuyer uses emphasise this temperament and dynamism.


Alhaditha, 2021, 180 × 180 cm
Histoire de Femmes, 2021, 150 × 150 cm
Dancia, 2022, 200 × 200 cm
Gillia et Joe, 2019, 200 × 200 cm