Alajandra Atarés

Lives and works in Barcelona and Berlin


Consisting of interconnected layers revealing reality turned imaginary through juxtaposition, Alejandra Atarés’ work showcases a refined technique and contrastful palette. Skilfully blending elements such as cacti and floor tiles with celebrities in natural or fictitious settings, her art evokes a strange sensation of familiarity amidst discordance. These contrasts provoke effervescence in the spectator’s mind, offering an aesthetic experience akin to a social media post placed in an unfamiliar context.


Orange Garden, 2020, 150 × 150 cm
Garden with Flowers and Yellow Path, 2022, 200 × 170 cm
Yellow Cacti Landscape, 2022, 200 × 180 cm
Red Cactus in a Digital World, 2022, 200 cm × 250 cm