Current Exhibitions


There are few matters that are not subject to some degree of distortion. This exhibition explores the different physical and non-physical manifestations of this.

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Past Exhibitions


This exhibition dissects how we percieve and what affects that very perception. Three artists approach different facets of the matter in their unique way.

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Two artist, two entirely different mediums and yet all revolves around the question of what is photography or photographically and what is not. Or wether today such distinction can simply not be made.

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Il Plazzal

Under a title, meaning «construction site» in the local language of Romansh, the Galleria shows a selection of it’s artists, as well as two local artists in the old post office of Flims in Grisons.

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Annelies Štrba & Marlis Spielmann

Two artists who’ve been an integral part of the galleries journey for a long time are looking back at recent years.

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Wir sehen uns

«See you», either a farewell or a statement, almost never both at once, calls forth associations. Peer Boehm and Michael Schuster, knowing each other, yet never having met in real live, show works that thematise the duality of the phrase.

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