Alvar Beyer

Lives and works
in Berlin


The work of Alvar Beyer revolves around abstraction of the spaces we inhabit, drawing inspiration from his encounters with natural landscapes during extensive journeys across Central Asia, the Himalayas, and Siberia. His work reflects a profound connection to the primal, untouched environment and the interplay between the material and spiritual realms. Through his paintings and installations, Alvar aims to evoke a resonance with viewers, eliciting emotions and memories while exploring the duality of the tangible and the intangible.


Avatar, 2021, 160 × 100 cm
Ohne Titel, 2024, 1090 × 85 × 15 cm
Finis Terrae, 2016, 110 × 150 cm
Gat, 2023, 80 × 72 cm