Galleria Sacchetti visiting Flims

Il Plazzal



Art is meant to provoke thought and to enrich spaces, hence with the old post office in Flims being vacant prior to it’s demolition, the gallery decided to set out for new shores – temporarily, at least. Under the Title «Il Plazzal», the Romansh word for construction site, from December till March the rooms have been given life, drawing not only from the gallery’s portfolio, but also giving space to local artists. The Exhibition has been well received by locals, as well as visitors.


The Artists

Many resident artists from the gallery were exhibited, as well as two local artists from Grisons:

Gaudenz Danuser: Born and raised in the heights of Grisons, nature has always played a central role in the photographer’s life. Danuser has made it his mission to share his personal sense of nature in the most unfiltered way possible, with the highest standards applied to craftsmanship, image quality and conceptual foundation.

Gian Häne: With a keen eye for spatial design and a penchant for experimentation, the Chur local creates immersive environments that challenge conventional modes of engagement, encouraging active participation and introspection. Through his innovative use of materials and concepts, Häne invites audiences to embark on a journey of discovery, where the lines between the tangible and the intangible become beautifully blurred.