Sandra Senn & Peter Wels

Intersections – Beyond Photography



«Intersections» explores the borders between photography and non-photography. The exhibition challenges traditional notions of the medium by blurring the lines between what is considered a photograph and what transcends the medium. Through a diverse array of experimental techniques, artists explore the interplay of light, perception, and imagination, inviting viewers to question the boundaries of visual representation. From abstract compositions to the hyperrealistic, each work prompts contemplation on the evolving nature of image-making in the digital age. «Intersections» offers a captivating journey into the liminal spaces where photography intersects with other artistic disciplines, sparking dialogue on the limitless possibilities of visual expression.


The Artists

Sandra Senn’s painterly photographs enchant with polychrome sensuality, with blurriness and energetic movement and light reflection, creating a cosmos of imaginary worlds in the abundance of colours.

Peter Wels, as a master of the hyperrealistic, keeps baffling the viewer with his graphite-works that seem like they must be photographs. He particularly demonstrates a deep understanding of the interplay between texture and light.