Alvar Beyer, Sonja Simone Albert und Wolf Nkole Helzle


30.03.–15.06. 2024


Our first exhibition of 2024 focuses on perception – Paintings and photographs converge to challenge and expand our understanding of reality. Three artists dissect how they themselves and as well, we humans in general perceive, each highlighting a unique facet of the process. Through a kaleidoscope of colors and compositions, the artworks beckon viewers to explore the intricacies of sight and interpretation. From impressionistic brushstrokes to generative photographs, each piece invites contemplation on how we perceive the world around us and what «perception» is beyond the mere taking in of information.


The Artists

Alvar Beyer’s art draws from his extensive travels across Central Asia, the Himalayas, and Siberia, evoking a deep connection to primal landscapes and exploring the interplay between the material and spiritual realms to elicit emotions and memories in viewers.

Sonja Simone Albert convincingly portrays photographic realism with oil paint on canvas, effortlessly capturing a sense of lightness while imbuing her works with a unique depth through her painterly technique.

Wolf Nkole Helzle’s photographs are a multi-layered exploration of the human condition, challenging perceptions and igniting emotions while capturing the essence of dimensional and temporal depth in a single image.