Peer Boehm & Michael Schuster

Wir sehen uns



«Wir sehen uns», literally translated «See you», delves into the essence encapsulated within such a seemingly mundane phrase. Peer Boehm and Michael Schuster intertwine their distinct artistic visions, crafting a multifaceted exploration of departure and connection. Through a fusion of mixed media, their works evoke a sense of poignant ambiguity between anticipation, promise and farewell. Galleria Sacchetti invites viewers to confront the complex emotions intertwined with parting, leaving them mesmerised by the duality of presence and absence inherent in the act of saying «see you».


The Artists

As a master of omission, Peer Boehm explores the simultaneous fleetingness and collectivity of memory. Anonymous photographs and non-locatable settings form the basis of his works, in which he uses a wide variety of media to bring scenes to life that awaken an unfathomable sense of familiarity in the viewer.

With his “light pictures” made from cut maple leaves, Michael Schuster achieves a maximum of atmosphere using the absolute minimum of material. The artist deals with the momentary nature of personal memory and expresses this in his often almost cinematographic works.