Upon the deep-rooting spirits of our beautiful Ascona, a reincarnation is unfolding, hidden in the narrow streets of our village, close the shore of Lago Maggiore.

A Place For Arts And Culture

The CCAA is developing into an inspiring and vibrant center for art, culture and creativity in Ascona, bringing together local and international artists, art lovers and explorers. Our goal is to honor Ascona’s cultural heritage and at the same time create new, contemporary artistic impulses that together form a beacon for art and culture throughout our region and beyond. With the CCAA, we are creating a diverse and enriching experience for travelers and art enthusiasts, who can immerse themselves in a holistic cultural programme that represents the rekindled spirit of Ascona as an art and travel destination.

Old walls have many stories to tell and the CCAA is no exception: the heart of the center’s architecture is a residential building dating back to the 15th century, which, according to lore, is the birthplace of the only Asconan to be beatified. Over the centuries, the building has undergone many additions, alterations and changes of function, with paintwork, plasterwork, frescoes and arcades coming and going, and the building serving as a retirement home, sewing shop and boutique, among other things. We are proud of now having the opportunity to inhabit these historic rooms.

Our Mission


Creating a new landmark for Ascona, in the world of art travel and exploration, that shines from the heart of Ticino out to the world.


Shaping a holistic and inclusive concept, accessible for guest and locals alike, to explore and encounter art and culture.


Representing and showcasing local as well as international artists, giving space to contemporary art and cultural heritage in our beautiful location.


Anchoring our concept within and engaging with our local community through shared initiatives and creative collaboration.

Promoting Contemporary Art

CCAA stands at the forefront of promoting both international and local contemporary art, from Ticino to the world. Showcasing a diverse roster ranging from emerging talents to established artists, we are committed to expanding art’s reach beyond our local boundaries. Our aspirations stretch into the international arena, envisioning a future where CCAA becomes a renowned name in the art landscape.

Local cultural programming

A true celebration of culture, CCAA extends an invitation to a world of immersive experiences. From readings and concerts to film showcases and artist dialogues, we curate a spectrum of cultural events, in our gallery spaces as well as our outdoor garden, ensuring an enriched journey and inclusive concept for both travelers and locals.


At CCAA, every corner tells a story. Nestled in Ascona’s old town village close to the Lago Maggiore lakefront, our sanctuary combines exhibition spaces with a tranquil outdoor garden. Newly renovated guest rooms invite for relaxation while our restaurant presents local gastronomic delights, all coming together to paint a vivid tapestry of art, culture, and hospitality.

Galleria Sacchetti

The Galleria, our very essence, showcases enlightening exhibits of contemporary art year-round. With two exhibition spaces located right in the village’s core, our most prized is the atmospheric gallery situated in the old cathedral of the Centro di Cultura building, that’s originates from centuries ago.

Stuzzichini Bistrot

Stuzzichini offers a gastronomic journey steeped in local flavors. Managed by local culinary experts Juliana and John, it emphasises traditional bites, as the name suggests, complemented by organic wines sourced from the Ticino region. Whether indoors or in the embrace of the outdoors, it promises a delightful dining experience throughout the year.

Camere Ospiti

Discover tranquillity in our nine meticulously restored guest rooms, situated in the Centro di Cultura’s upper sanctum. Each space, showcases artists from CCAA’s gallery, ensures guests a serene sojourn amidst history and creativity.

Artist Residency

CCAA aims to support emerging local and international artists across the spectrum of contemporary art, to help develop and showcase their practice. Just minutes away from the village and our main location, a new residency location is being created, with room for artists to live, work and be inspired. We look forward to welcoming applications of young artists to engage and collaborate. Our residency program starts with the public launch of the Centro di Culturale e D’Arte Ascona in Spring 2023.

Our People


Pelin Karamustafaoglu

Pelin brings a wealth of experience from 20 years in the world of management consultancy and has moved into the arts as a co-founder of CCAA, where she looks after all aspects of the project.


Christoph Schoop

As co-founder of the CCAA, Christoph has been at the forefront of developing visionary property and neighborhood development projects in Switzerland for decades, driven by his deep conviction for cultural heritage and authenticity.

Community Manager

Andrea Valsecchi

Our Ticino Community Manager, Andrea is responsible for all aspects of communications, cultural activities and local engagement, as well as event planning.

Gallery Manager

Fiete Stoll

Gallery Manager Fiete, with a background in communication design and experience in promoting artistic projects, is responsible for the exhibitions and activities at the Galleria.


Juliana Da Silva & John Fois

Juliana and John are the culinary brains behind the CCAA’s gastronomic offering. John, with a local background in the hospitality industry, and Juliana, with extensive experience in some of the most prestigious hotels around the globe, add another level of flavor to the CCAA’s offering.

Property Maintenance

Germano Grichting

Born and raised in Locarno, on the other bank of the river Maggia, Germano has been part of the CCAA for more than twenty years. He looks after the property and its guests with great passion and a real flair for hospitality.


Maria Gioiosa

Maria comes from the picturesque hills of Basilicata in southern Italy and is professionally rooted in tailoring. At the CCAA, she ensures that events run smoothly and that our guests feel at home during their stay in the Camere Ospiti.

Let’s get in touch

Being freshly launched, there’s lot to do and shape at the CCAA. We look forward to hearing from you and engage in inspiring thoughts and ideas, please leave us your message here.

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